Direct Mail and Online
Solutions that work

Target your most-wanted customers! Valpak has the recognition and resources to get you there – in direct mail advertising and on line solutions. Get your name in front of targeted customers in the areas that matter most to you. Your Valpak Cumberland Valley franchise can help you reach hundreds of thousands of households faster, smarter and affordably!

Valpak Of Cumberland Valley offers you a range of direct mail options including standard inserts, Menus, card stock, multi-panel flyers, loyalty cards, on-envelope opportunities and even solo direct mail.

We also provide a variety of online solutions. Websites, SEO, SEM and more. We are proud to have google certified staff members to help you understand how your business is relevant on line. Our website options include affordable template websites to more complex custom websites.

We take pride in making sure no matter what type of marketing your business is utilizing with Valpak of Cumberland Valley you are well aware of results. We track everything! See the bullet points below to see everything we do to ensure you have the confidence to see how your advertising dollars are bringing you new business:

  • Call Tracking
  • Views/Click/Print results
  • Actual insert redemption at the cash register or point of sale

Call Today to learn more about how we bring marketing solutions that work to your business!"



For a fast and affordable way to get an online presence up and running, we also offer template websites. With straightforward content, colors that represent your brand, and an easy to navigate layout, you’ll experience an increase in leads as soon as your site goes live.


Valpak of Cumberland Valley provides custom websites as part of our online product solutions. These website can be 3,5,10, or a custom number of pages and feature search engine optimization, dynamic layouts, easy to use navigation, high quality images, and much more.



Valpak of Cumberland Valley also offers SEO and SEM campaigns, which include organic and paid keyword integration that will help your site be found by potential customers. Other features we implement that boost SEO/SEM include relevant title, alt, Meta, and header tags. Our SEO experts will work with you to design a search engine strategy that will meet your goals and stay within your advertising budget.


We track everything and show you the results! Our dashboards include analytics on your full direct mail campaign as well as your on line campaigns!

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